Bulk Storage Containers

Durable & reusable

Virtually indestructible bulk storage or material handling solutions. Reduce your dependence on disposable gaylord boxes and help make a concious environmental decision.

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Material Handling Solutions

Bulk Material Storage

A growing number of industry leaders heavily utilize the Bulk Storage Containers by Granger Plastics as their leading bulk storage or material handling solution.

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Food Grade Options Available


Food Grade options meeting USDA/FDA specifications for food contact available! Many options and configurations available!

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Bulk Storage & Material Handling Solutions

Innovative features and options that offer financial and environmental savings long term by eliminating cardboard gaylord boxes!

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Modern Design

Allows containers to nest when empty, or stack with lids!

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Savings that Add Up

Eliminate messy, disposable cardboard boxes!

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Bulk Storage Options

Options for dry goods, liquids, locks, indexing features & more!

Durable, Reusable Storage Solutions

Reduce consumption of disposable cardboard boxes and gaylords. Help save a tree or two.

About Us

The bulk storage solution, offering four way easy forlk life or pallet jack access, nesting for easy storage or shipping (when empty) and stacks with lids when loaded or empty! USDA/FDA food contact construction available! With a wide variety of colors available including custom color options! Custom features and options as well ranging from hasps for locks, support rings for liquid or dense bulk materials, drains, fittings, indexing attachments and more!

Bulk Storage Container Features

  • Lid included
  • Stackable
  • Nestable
  • Easily cleanable, no sharp corners
  • Four-way forkliftable
  • Available in USDA/FDA approved materials & recycled materials
  • Chemically resistant- Call for chemical compatible list
  • Colors at no extra cost!
  • Available with a wide range of drains and fittings
  • Capacity (Pounds) 1200
  • 40 Cubic Ft. Capacity
  • Outside Top 51" L x 43" W
  • Bottom ID 42"L x 39"W
  • Overall Height 36"

  • Bulk Storage Container Info

    16 Bushel Cart, Granger 16 Bushel, Granger Laundry Cart, Granger Step Truck, Recycling Cart, Laundry Tote

    Click the above image to download a PDF on the Bulk Storage Container

    Bulk Storage Containers

    Model Certified Prime Virgin (Food Grade)
    Molded by Granger Plastics

    Food manufacturing, processing, storage and shipping options with the Bulk Storage Containers by Granger Plastics. Available in USDA/FDA approved materials in a wide variety of colors. Stenciling available!

    Nested Bulk Storage Container for Shipping or Storage

    Bulk Storage Container

    Model Certified Prime Virgin (Food Grade)
    Molded By Granger Plastics

    Bulk Storage Containers nest when empty for easy storage or shipment. Stack up to 6 units high with lids on top for shipping in an enclosed van.

    Heavy Duty Bulk Storage Container

    Heavy Duty Bulk Container

    Model Certified Prime Virgin (Food Grade)
    Molded By Granger Plastics

    Heavy Duty Storage Container utilizing a powder coated steel support ring to support the use of liquids and extremely dense materials.

    Custom Stenciled Bulk Storage Container

    Stenciling Options for Bulk Storage Containers

    Model Certified Prime Virgin
    Molded By Granger Plastics

    Custom stencil options allow for easy identification options to for sorting, storage, material identification and more.

    Indexable Bulk Storage Container

    Indexable Fork Options

    Model Recycled Materials with Indexable Options
    Molded By Granger Plastics

    Commonly used in recycling and in industrial applications, the indexable fork options allow the bulk storage containers to be indexed or rotated over to dump the contents.

    Stacked Storage Containers

    Stacks with Lid for storage

    Model Various
    Molded by Granger Plastics

    The Bulk Storage Containers can stack with lid for easy warehouse storage.

    Locking Bulk Storage Container

    Locking Feature Options

    Model Various
    Molded by Granger Plastics

    Commonly requested by document storage customers, document recycling or destruction company's!! Hasps offer additional security by adding (2) or (4) hasps for secure locking of each container.

    Bulk Storage Container Capacity

    Durable Capacity

    Model Various
    Molded by Granger Plastics

    Durable, re-usable bulk storage container hails an industry leading storage capacity of 122 pounds! See the container pictured above handle more scrap aluminum than rated for! Please do not overload your containers! Tested by Professionals!

    project 9

    Smooth Interior

    Model All
    Molded by Granger Plastics

    All of the Bulk Storage Containers feature a smooth interior to keep linens, uniforms and other materials safe from snags or sharp corners.

    Bulk Storage & Shipping Container Videos

    Food Grade, Security, Recycling Applications and more!

    Recycling Center

    Durability Road Test

    Bulk Container Features


    • Durability

    • Functionality

    • Nesting & Stacking

    • Features & Options

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    Our Containers


    Long lasting, durable, re-usable bulk storage containers offer attractive pricing with leading options and features!


    • As low as $240 ea.
    • 100% Recycled PE content
    • Complete with lid
    • Various shades of grey
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    Virgin Prime

    • As low as $250 ea.
    • 100% Cert. Prime Virgin PE
    • Complete with lid
    • Color options available!
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    Heavy Duty

    • As low as $375 ea.
    • Recycled or Cert. Virgin PE
    • Complete with lid
    • Heavy Duty Support Ring
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